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Smartphones and tablets drastically change the search behavior and online shopping. According to a Criteo study, 34% percent of the online trade worldwide is mobile. By now, more users in the USA spend their time online on mobile devices rather than on PCs. Due to this, it is a great challenge for businesses to adapt to this development and thus adjust their website and online shop to mobile factors. This concerns both the user navigation and the mobile marketing opportunities.

With our specialist departments, we help you to design mobile marketing as an integrated component of online marketing, and therefore maximize your conversion.

Our Services in Mobile Marketing

In 2015, 26% of the sales within the affiliate network Zanox have been generated through mobile devices. More and more online buyers use mobile affiliate pages to inform themselves about products or to compare prices while running errands.

Our Services:

  • Strategy development for mobile advertising
  • Acquisition of mobile affiliate partners
  • Generating mobile traffic
  • Creating mobile advertising materials
  • Reporting
  • Direct cooperations with top affiliates
Due to optimal usability, the increasing shift of search entries to mobile devices requires a strategy adjustment. As the search engine giant Google declares: The website’s mobile usability is a serious ranking signal within the mobile search results.
Also, the already existing mobile app marketing strategies of your business can be supported by SEO. Modern technologies like app indexing or mobile app live rendering are important factors to maximize your mobile visibility.

Our Services:

  • Technical consultation of a mobile SEO strategy
  • Proactive implementation of the mobile SEO strategy in cooperation with your team
  • Provision of mobile-optimized content (dynamic content)
  • Page-speed optimization
  • Full support for publishing mobile versions
  • Consultation and support of implementing the mobile app indexing
  • App Store SEO (Google Play Store and Apple App Store)
  • Full support in terms of all questions relating mobile SEO
56% of all Germans use mobile devices to inform themselves about different subjects and products. This number grows continuously and thus gives the direction of advertising activities of the future. Therefore, businesses need to act now and cannot miss this trend. The completion rate might be rather small, however, the contact with mobile ads triggers the future sale through a desktop PC. Google is also the pioneer in cross device tracking. With an accuracy of 90%, it is possible to measure the click’s impact of mobile ads on final sales.

Our Services:

  • Strategy development for campaign orientation and tracking
  • Setup of mobile campaigns
  • Creating mobile ads and expansions
  • Advertisements with geo targeting
  • Continuous ad optimization on defined KPIs
  • Expansion and testing for comprehensive potential exploitation
  • Reporting
54% of the Germany exclusively use Facebook on their mobile devices. To reach this target group with advertisements a mobile focus is necessary. One strategy, for example, might be the usage of socio-demographic data and interests to align it with video ads. This might have very positive effects on branding. A further user group can be reached by adjusting the Facebook Ads to Instagram.

Our Services:

  • Strategy development of campaign orientation and tracking
  • Setup of mobile campaigns
  • Creating text and picture ads
  • Continuous ad optimization on defined KPIs
  • Expansion and testing for comprehensive potential exploitation
  • Retargeting
  • Reporting
The change from PCs to mobile devices is in full swing. Thus, the amount of mobile traffic has passed the amount of desktop traffic. Nowadays, many people use their smartphone or tablet rather than a desktop PC to surf the internet or shop online. Thereby, a considerable amount of traffic is generated through apps for mobile devices. Via mobile apps people search, buy, book, communicate, and inform themselves about the latest trends. Whoever invests in the development of apps for mobile devices, specifically aims for stakeholders, customers, or members. This is how you are present at all times – thanks to push notifications even if the app is not actively used. Mobile apps offer providers a new and efficient opportunity of customer binding and marketing.

We support you with positioning yourself within the mobile world and conceptualize your individual app. It is our goal to provide you with user-friendly and attractive solutions which impress your clients. Mobile app design is one of our strengths which we gladly fulfill.

Our Service Includes the Conceptualization and Design of Mobile Apps:

  • Full analysis of the market and your competitors
  • Usability and design studies as well as determination of controlling functions
  • Creating a precise user surface concept as a groundwork for UI-design
  • Reasonable and scalable structuring of your content, layout, and navigation elements
  • Drafting of mockups to define the architecture and structure of your website
  • Creating an app design concerning the scalability

Aims and Advantages of Mobile Marketing


    • High response potential
    • Opportunity of personalization
    • Comprehensive campaigns for various devices
    • Low seeding losses
    • Measurability and exact evaluation opportunities


    • Customer acquisition and customer loyalty
    • Increase in sales
    • Brand and image development
    • Low expense costs
    • Increase in range through increasing mobile users


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