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Using Affiliate Marketing, increases in sales and new customer acquisition through online marketers can easily be realized, without any risk. You must only compensate the commission. Our longstanding experience and the large variety of premium affiliates is the groundwork for expanding the marketing of your products and services.

Being a professional Affiliate Marketing Agency from Augsburg, Germany, the xpose360-team is your helping hand concerning operating and consulting tasks. We support you in the different areas of Affiliate Marketing, such as partner program setup, partner scouting and partner acquisition, quality management, affiliate consulting, inhouse workshops, and many more.

Affiliate Full-Service Support

We assume the entire management and reassure continuous support. Therefore, we communicate with the partners, lead individual activities to increase sales, and generate reportings.

Partner Program Setup

Starting from the market research and selection of a suitable network over technical implementation to strategic project planning – we provide a continuous and competent consultation.

Quality Management

Quality management is an important aspect for a long-running affiliate program. The partner activation is based on coordinated criteria. Within the account, we lead an active fraud management.

Partner Scouting and Partner Acquisition

We are driven to find potential affiliates to increase long-lasting sales. Furthermore, we have a direct connection to many top affiliates throughout various branches.

Affiliate Consulting

We offer your team an advisory support to optimize and expand the partner program. With this, you profit from our longtime strategic and operating experience.

Inhouse Workshops

We provide workshops, trainings, and seminars for your team at your business location. Our documents are made for every level of knowledge – whether entry, advanced, or professional level.

Quality Management for Secure Affiliate Marketing

Fraud Prevention

    • Fraud validation
    • Quality guidelines
    • Adspace verification
    • Consulting
    • Pro-active fraud management

Fraud Detection

    • Affiliate ToolboxX
    • Brand Bidding verity
    • Outside reports
    • Account management information
    • Detection and reporting

Active Partner Management

Partner Acquisition

    • New publisher scouting
    • Top publisher monitoring
    • Recruiting of competitors' top publishers
    • Tools for active publisher acquisition
    • Documentation and follow-up
    • Sales rallies

Partner Binding

    • Intense contacts to top partners
    • Target agreements with top partners
    • Information communication
    • Networking und partner events
    • Premium commissions
    • Promotion discount for special placements

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Extract of our Customers

Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is also known as “performance-based marketing”. Merchants (also defined as advertisers or sellers) establish a cooperation with website-providers – the affiliates. They, advertise different products and services and, in case of success, receive a commission. The payment is only due when sales are indeed being generated or when there are other measurable successes. Miscellaneous tracking methods allow the tracing and therefore concrete calculation of the affiliates’ commissions.

Overall, this results in a win-win-situation for both parties: the advertiser can easily increase his sales without any risks or generate new customers, and the affiliate receives a higher profit share.

What is an Affiliate?

Affiliates are online sales partners. They are also described as publishers, as they broadcast content for businesses or provide advertising spaces on their website. In general, every individual or organization who runs a website can be an affiliate. However, certain publisher models are strongly established within this branch. Known models are comparison and deal webpages, voucher publishers, e-mail affiliates or loyalty portals (bonus or cashback systems). Furthermore, content websites which have specialized in certain topics have a higher information value. The most important thing when choosing the affiliates: Quality over quantity!

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Merchants use several affiliate websites to advertise their own shop. For this, they provide various advertising materials, text links, or product lists through an affiliate network. If a publisher has generated successes, they are measured and analyzed by using tracking technologies like cookies within the networks. In case of a valid sale or lead, the publisher receives a commission. Basically, there are three parties involved in affiliate marketing: merchants, affiliates, and networks.

In cooperation with an affiliate agency there’s a fourth party. The agency takes over the program support and uses experience, expertise, and contacts to realize the most-possible performance. During the program start as well as within the running support, technical topics, specific display measures and partner management are highly important. xpose360 is your experienced specialist at your side.

What is an Affiliate Network?

An affiliate network is a platform to centrally manage partner programs. It provides many features:

  1. Interface between merchants and affiliates
  2. Campaign controlling through pooling advertising materials and activities
  3. Program supervision with current statistics
  4. Supply of tools and tracking methods
  5. Provision registration and inquiry
  6. Fraud prevention

The networks are distinguished by their technical development, partner support, or tracking methods. Some networks are specialized in several branches, such as the financial sector. Probably, the most popular affiliate networks in Germany are affilinet, AWIN, and webgains.

For Whom is Affiliate Marketing Suitable?

Affiliate Marketing is ideal for advertisers who offer products and services and want to advertise them. Cooperating with the right publishers, a broad advertising network can be realized, in which the customer is target-oriented and personally addressed. You as a merchant don’t have to be an expert within the affiliate branch. Our professional and experienced team can assume services as a complete package or individually. Therefore, we offer individually optimized performance approaches to flexibly meet different budgets and requirements.

Affiliate Marketing is suitable for everyone who leads an online-shop and wants to increase his sales – risk-free.

What Does Affiliate Marketing Cost?

In Affiliate Marketing, several groups are included in sales generation. Hence, the composition of the costs can be quite complex. No partner program is like the other, and the costs can vary drastically. For providing the platform and service, networks demand fees. Depending on the network, these can either be regular or irregular fixed costs, a variable sum (commission-based), or a mixture of both. If the merchant is supported by an affiliate agency, no blanket costs can be defined. A calculation can be made depending on project and service. At the end, in case of success, the affiliates receive a commission. Popular models are pay per sale, pay per lead, or pay per click. After a first get-together, we are able to submit a concrete offer, which is 100% transparent and performance-related.

We Work with These Networks

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Verena Weiß / Team Leader Affiliate Marketing
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Current Affiliate Trends

Affiliate Marketing Trend Report 2020

The whitepaper includes:

    • Trends and problems affiliates expect in 2020
    • Important sales merchants, agencies, and affiliates expect in 2020
    • How many merchants are already using customer journey tracking
    • How is mobile marketing developing
    • What are the most important publisher models for merchants in 2020
    • Which trends do affiliate experts predict

Our Affiliate Marketing Tools

Events and Training

The xpose360 wants to inform customers and event participants about the latest trends and developments within the branch. Therefore, we are proud organizers of several events, and join international conferences as speakers and referents. The following events are organized and supported by xpose360.

Affiliate Marketing Certificates

With intense cooperation with market-leading affiliate networks and tools, we can guarantee a correct and overall project support management. The interaction of founded expertise, long-term experience, and regular further trainings allows us to receive multiple awards and certificates.

Current Affiliate Marketing Job Openings

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